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Finally found a Qanba Q4RAF here in the Philippines! Yehey. Just in time to practice links and chains in preparation for StreetFighter X Tekken. #ストクロ


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Let’s save the world some other time, Cole MacGrath.
My damsel in distress needs me in Cocoon.

InFAMOUS 2 now back to the backlog stack, pre-empted by Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Too bad they gave me the one with Charisse Pempengco! I want to original Japanese voices with English subtitle, not the full English version T_T

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I absolutely loved the first inFAMOUS game. I still remember when I keep talking about it to my friends who do not play video games on console (which is what usually happens when I enjoy playing a game).

For this reason, I bought the sequel last June as Day 1 purchase. However, there were a lot of [more] hyped games released at that time, pushing this game back to my backlog stash. That ended today.

Time to perform the blast shard rhythm again…. L3… L3… L3… L3… L3… L3… L3…

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As much as I have enjoyed how amazing the lore, gameplay and depth of Skyrim, I hated dealing with its bugs and glitches. One particular bug that made me stop playing was the bug that prevents me from completing the Civil War story line, where NPCs tend not to prompt me with the correct option to start the quests.

Frustrating as it is, after a long ~120 hours of playing (includes PS3 freezes, framerate drops, bug workarounds), finally, I earned it… the most coveted platinum trophy!

I was actually waiting for the next patch which include the fix for instance where the player sold the Thieve’s Guild Armor items necessary to earn “One With The Shadows” trophy, thinking that I sold the armor set to gather enough money for purchasing a house in Whiterun. Fortunately enough, I just hid them in one of the cupboards around the house.

For those planning to get the platinum, DO NOT SELL THE THIEVE’S ARMOR YOU RECEIVED AS REWARD FROM TONILIA! Or else you will be blocked until the supposed fix in Patch 1.4 is released.

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Have you ever imagined Pacman in a fighting game? The new trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken teased Megaman and Pacman as characters at least (it seems) for the PS Vita version of the game.

I bet his “super” move is to eat the other fighter… Ah gory!

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Add two more games to my game library. 🙂 Actually I will add them to my backlog list cause I will not be able to play games until mid January next year.

At any rate, thanks to Sir Bong for sponsoring these games. d(^_^o)

I also got my reservation for FFXIII-2! The staff asked me which version will I reserve, the one with Charisse or the one without her. I reserved the one without her, since I prefer listening to the original Japanese soundtrack.

As one of my colleagues said: “Too many games, so little time.” – true indeed.

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The first trailer of A Game of Thrones – RPG came out just recently, it featured some actors from the television series rendered using Unreal Engine. Below is the rendered version of James Cosmo, reprising his role as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in the video game.

Cyanide Studio, the game developers, said the the game will be based on HBO television series of the same name but will have a different story. Some says that the original book (A Song of Ice and Fire) author George R.R. Martin is writing the story for the game.

This is not the first AGOT video game, in fact, this is Cyanide Studio’s second game under AGOT franchise. The first game, AGOT – Genesis, was a let down to say the least. Let us just hope that this new entry to the franchise will not disappoint as much as its predecessor did.

Heres the link to the trailer:

Aside from character models and environment settings, the trailer does not show much. For now, it is safe to say that this game is prone to the quality problems lingering licensed games especially movie-games adaptations.

With all the available game engines in the market  used for rendering medieval settings (i.e. Skyrim’s Creation Engine, Dragon Age’s Eclipse Engine), the developers downright choose Unreal Engine 3 from the get-go.

The game is slated to be released around the same time the second season of the television series will air – around April 2012.

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