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What has become of Windhelm?

Once a prized city of Skyrim, now a haven of animosity. Malice breeds as its citizens deem the broken caste of prejudice and racism.

Bureaucracy thrives beset the lives of unfamiliar men.

An archetype of prejudice, its king has a foregone conclusion of servicing Nords… only Nords.

Because of this, here and now I declare, Ulfric is not my king.

– Vonfrahma the Battemage, 30th of Heartfire


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Civil war is upon Skyrim and I am merely running errands for the Jarls – killing bandits and eliminating wild beasts.

Savagery, the inherent beast of men, is this what is driving me?

Dragonborn I might be, but I am still uncertain to my life of duty. “Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin, Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!” as the town folks sing, I must choose the path pure and noble to the service of the King. A great decision is affixed to me, should I adhere to my Imperial birth rite or side with the Stormcloaks?

Foremost, I must go to Windhelm, have to talk to Ulfric to clarify his intentions.

Vonfrahma the Battlemage, 25th of Heartfire

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Regretfully damned by the politics of Cyrodiil where only members of noble houses may seek the arcane arts, the Mage Guild Archmage, in secrecy, trained an orphan of artisan ancestry.

The Mage Guild raised me to forge their circlets, rings, and amulets.

Greatly indebted to my father, against the will of the tyrants, my master schooled me with the austere magic of recovery and destruction. Dismally, since his demise, my skills remains as they were, as novice.


Done are the days of forceless might.

Gone are the rings without binding light.

College of Winterhold, guide me to thy mage’s path.

Vonfrahma the Battlemage, 12th of Heartfire

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Cyrodiil laments as the blacksmith passed away. Demise brought by the breath of fire that swept the town away. Today marks the observance of this earmarked event.  Likewise, marks that day of my birth.

Two years have passed since the archmage said, “blacksmith’s son, smithing next to none,  study enchanting to which will complement your smithing”. Until now, I dissuade from mastering, until that time, I will conjure this spellbound sword.

– Vonfrahma the Battlemage, 3rd of Heartfire

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Can barely hide my presence, guards and watchmen are everywhere. Everyone being suspected – branded of rebellion. Damn Ulfric Stormcloak.

Must make haste, ask presence with the Jarl, convey thy master’s last words – “Their Voice will be heard again… as what was foretold, the Karaethon Cycle will come… he’s coming… Alduin is coming… ”

I am growing impatient.

Vonfrahma, Battlemage’s Apprentice

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