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At the time of its release, it supposedly depicts a war between US and a middle eastern organization in the near future. Weeks later, US-Iraq War happened. The game gave ability to gamers to experience the war as it happens in Iraq. For this reason, some countries actually delayed and even banned its release to the market.

Another interesting note, the game also depicted China’s rise to power.

A real-time strategy game that implements an unique “veterancy system” – where a unit gain more fire power, attacks faster, and can self-repair as it defeats more enemy units.

Its sequel has just been announced to be released on 2013.

Circa 2003 – PC – EA Games

※ NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 10


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A lengthy game of die rolls… a 20-sided die for attack accuracy, an 8-sided die for longsword, 10-sided die for axe, 6-sided die for great sword. Fortunately, all the die roll shenanigans happen behind the scenes.

Circa 2002 – PC/MAC/Linux – Atari-Bioware

※ NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 9

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Yellow 🔔 – bonus points, consecutive collection adds more bonus

White 🔔 – upgrades your gun from single shot to double shot

Blue 🔔 – increases your speed

Green 🔔 – activates mirror image power-up

Red 🔔 – adds a glowing barrier which will protect you until it completely dissolves from enemy fire

Circa 1985 – Family Computer – Konami

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 8

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This was my first 3D fighting game and was also my first fighting game where the player chooses a team of two characters and fights another team of two characters.

The plot involves students of various Japanese high schools from the city of Aoharu investigating school attacks and kidnapping.

The loading screens in this game feature pretty cool character portraits.

The character in this loading screen is Shoma Sawamura – a student and baseball player from Gorin High School. His fighting style is obviously… hitting opponents with his baseball bat.

This got me wondering, when will Capcom release a sequel of this game to the current console? Or at least put the characters in the next expansion of Marvel vs Capcom?

Circa 1998 – PS1 – Capcom

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 7

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A demolition derby game where you can use weapons and special attacks. My favorite character from this game is Axel!

I bet most of us know  the gameplay, yet don’t know and don’t even remember the story and plot.

I was playing this game way back before I got my own PS1 console. At that time, me and my friends go to rental shops to play mostly multiplayer games – split screen style.

Now I am thinking, how much is one hour rent at that time…

Circa 1996 – PS1 – SCEA

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 6

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A turn-base role playing game that requires precision during combat. A series of button press combination must be executed in order to successfully execute character’s special moves, requiring speed and hand-eye coordination.

The screen actually is a post-combat summary screen, the game loading screen is just a plain black page with the words “Now Loading” printed in the lower right corner.

Game characters will eventually earn color-coded Dr***** Spirit enabling them to transform into a more powerful form – a different take on Super Sentai, Colored Squadron.

The game has a very good plot and story progression.

The last AAA RPG developed by SOE for the PS1, despite mixed reception, the game amassed a cult following – waiting for a remake or even a sequel to the current generation consoles.

My personal favorite game, this is where I actually got a part of my gamertag.

Circa 2000 – PS1 – SOE

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 5

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Minuteman, Liberty Lad, The Ant, El Diablo, Man-bot, they are a few of the characters in this game.

This is a real-time tactical game where the player controls a bunch of superheroes as they defend a city from villains and monsters.

The loading screens in this game present a comicbook cover detailing the origins of the characters’ powers – which are quite interesting, some downright absurd.

The plot of the game involves the scattering of Energy X canisters across the city, giving powers to its inhabitants.

Circa 2002 – PC – Irrational Games

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 4

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