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X-men Anime Episode 8 has been out for a while now, but my enthusiasm is not enough anymore to make me watch the episode as soon as possible. To think about it, there is nothing as interesting as the first episode in the series.

Another so-so episode, a couple of battles against mutant infected with Damon Syndrome and again a lot of talking.

A little point of interest at the end though, Professor X appears to sucked into another dimension. Hope this is a prologue for some crazy event cause the series final episode is a lot closer than what the story progression is telling.


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Nemo is bisexual, originally uploaded by vonfrahma.

All clownfish are born male. They have the ability to change to female afterwards. @ Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan (20110923)

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Second UNESCO World Heritage Site we visited in Okinawa. I was looking for my World Heritage stone marker shot, but I cannot find the one for this castle. Maybe I never took one…

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Nakijin Castle – UNESCO Site, originally uploaded by vonfrahma.

Okinawa is the home of nine sites designated by UNESCO as World Heritage. I was very fortunate to have visited all nine of them! This was the first. Nakijin-jo a gusuku (Okinawan Castle) is famous for its size. (Nakijin-jo, Okinawa 20110921)

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Zakimi-jo Castle Walls, originally uploaded by vonfrahma.

Built by Ryukyuan militarist Gosamaru, Zakimi-jo shows great masonry work. The castle oversaw the northern portion of the Okinawan mainland. UNESCO World Heritage Site @ Okinawa Japan (20110921)

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Episode 7 is out. The most boring episode so far! The story progression is really dragging.

Aside from the very short mutant bro-down against some unknown members of the Inner Circle, the episode is a talk show featuring mutants!

Most of the time, the X-men are sitting in the couch, chatting.

The only interesting part in the show so far is the reminder that aside from Emma Frost, the X-men don’t have a fashion sense. Common Cyclops, shoulder blades on a spandex, you’re Uncanny custom was far more fashionable than this one.

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This was my first 3D fighting game and was also my first fighting game where the player chooses a team of two characters and fights another team of two characters.

The plot involves students of various Japanese high schools from the city of Aoharu investigating school attacks and kidnapping.

The loading screens in this game feature pretty cool character portraits.

The character in this loading screen is Shoma Sawamura – a student and baseball player from Gorin High School. His fighting style is obviously… hitting opponents with his baseball bat.

This got me wondering, when will Capcom release a sequel of this game to the current console? Or at least put the characters in the next expansion of Marvel vs Capcom?

Circa 1998 – PS1 – Capcom

 NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 7

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