At the time of its release, it supposedly depicts a war between US and a middle eastern organization in the near future. Weeks later, US-Iraq War happened. The game gave ability to gamers to experience the war as it happens in Iraq. For this reason, some countries actually delayed and even banned its release to the market.

Another interesting note, the game also depicted China’s rise to power.

A real-time strategy game that implements an unique “veterancy system” – where a unit gain more fire power, attacks faster, and can self-repair as it defeats more enemy units.

Its sequel has just been announced to be released on 2013.

Circa 2003 – PC – EA Games

※ NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 10


X-men Anime Episode 8 has been out for a while now, but my enthusiasm is not enough anymore to make me watch the episode as soon as possible. To think about it, there is nothing as interesting as the first episode in the series.

Another so-so episode, a couple of battles against mutant infected with Damon Syndrome and again a lot of talking.

A little point of interest at the end though, Professor X appears to sucked into another dimension. Hope this is a prologue for some crazy event cause the series final episode is a lot closer than what the story progression is telling.

Nemo is bisexual

Nemo is bisexual, originally uploaded by vonfrahma.

All clownfish are born male. They have the ability to change to female afterwards. @ Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa, Japan (20110923)

Scheduled to be released in Japan on February 9, the latest Genso Suikoden game (Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century) is believed being developed by Tri-Ace. Unfortunately the original Konami Suikoden team already disbanded, let us hope the new team will give progressive improvement to the game.

The marketing of the new game is paying tribute to all of the previous games in the series. Check out each game art featured in the promotional PSP theme for the newly announced game.

By the way, good thing that there are still games scheduled to be released for the PSP, given the fact that the PS Vita is already released in Japan.

What has become of Windhelm?

Once a prized city of Skyrim, now a haven of animosity. Malice breeds as its citizens deem the broken caste of prejudice and racism.

Bureaucracy thrives beset the lives of unfamiliar men.

An archetype of prejudice, its king has a foregone conclusion of servicing Nords… only Nords.

Because of this, here and now I declare, Ulfric is not my king.

– Vonfrahma the Battemage, 30th of Heartfire

A lengthy game of die rolls… a 20-sided die for attack accuracy, an 8-sided die for longsword, 10-sided die for axe, 6-sided die for great sword. Fortunately, all the die roll shenanigans happen behind the scenes.

Circa 2002 – PC/MAC/Linux – Atari-Bioware

※ NameThatLoadingScreen : Number 9

Second UNESCO World Heritage Site we visited in Okinawa. I was looking for my World Heritage stone marker shot, but I cannot find the one for this castle. Maybe I never took one…